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Transcode your digital files and share them via streaming or download links. We also support DCP (Digital Cinema Packages) in 2D and 3D, Quicktimes, Audio Files and much more.


Safety is our first priority! Protect your files with individual and editable watermarks: animate them, choose their position, change the opacity or font size and select the transcoding quality.


Share your digital files with your costumers, partners or colleagues. Individualize every link in terms of accessibility (download, upload, i.e.).


Transcode your Digital Cinema Package DCP  with watermarks or subtitles into streamable files and share them.


Create subtitled screeners with .SRT files.


Individual and quick searching and filter functions.



Transcode your assets into streaming files with different resolutions, perfectly matching your needs.


Sort your files by modification date, type, name, size etc.


Comment your content exactly by timecode.
Stay always up to date.


Stay in touch with your colleagues or customers.
Use our chat function for fast and direct communication.

Try it now and explore our magnificent features.

Customer requests are considred for implementation.

Easy sharing of all files and folder.

You can share your digital content with your partner and costumers via one click

Make your choice: Share your content as download or streaming file. Allow the upload directly to your designated folder. Secure your links with individual passwords and adjustable duration.


Comment your content.

It was never easier to find a certain frame in your moving picture.


Set markers in your video material.

Navigate through your assets via timecode function to find the relevant parts. Never miss out on any communication.

Use the easy ability to exchange with your costumers, partners, and colleagues. Stay informed about new incoming replies and comments.


Access secured by highest security standards

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

By enabling the Two-Factor Authentication with Timebased One Time Password (TOTB) you can secure your account even more.

All you need is an OTP App like the Google Authenticator for Android or iPhone alternatively FreeOTP for Android or iPhone

Exclusively encrypted connections

data transfer

Every connection to our system runs on SSL/TLS secured service. SSL/TLS Shown by the green lock symbol in your browser tab.

Data security without compromises.

data security

The datacenters are ISO 27001 certified

Use our soon coming archive feature to store and backup large data files and safe space for new projects. Saved content can quickly be restored.

Optimized for mobile devices

Access anywhere


Access Everywhere

Work with FileLab on the go anytime and everywhere

tablet or computer

Use your device

Filelab works on all computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, enjoy the easy handling and comfortable usability.

What our clients say

"Das FileLab.de Portal zeichnet sich durch Unkompliziertheit und Übersichtlichkeit für User auf beiden Seiten aus."
LEONINE Holding GmbH
Leitung Synchronisation & Technik
Leonine from München
"Individuelle Kundenwünsche werden vom hervorragenden Support rasch und effektiv umgesetzt."
Universum film GmbH
Manager Synchronisation
Universum Film from München
„FileLab.de ist für uns die ideale Lösung unsere Produktionen all unseren Partnern sicher, einfach und datenschutzkonform bereitzustellen." ODEONFICTION
Nicolai Fitzgerald - Producer


  • Solopreneur
  • 7,95 €

    * per month
  • 25 GB Space incl.
    * additional GByte 0,49 €/monthly.
  • Unlimited Transcoding
  • Unlimited user
  • Influencer
  • 49,95 €

    * per month
  • 50 GB Space incl.
    * additional GByte 0,49 €/monthly.
  • Unlimited Transcoding
  • Unlimited user
  • Team
  • 99,95 €

    * per month
  • 100 GB Space incl.
    * additional GByte 0,49 €/monthly.
  • Unlimited Transcoding
  • Unlimited user
  • Enterprise
  • individual

  • You need more?
    Talk to us
  • Unlimited Transcoding
  • Unlimited user
* Alle Preise exklusive Mehrwertsteuer. Berechnet wird jedes angefangene Gigabyte über dem Basisvolumen für den laufenden Monat. Die Transcoding-Leistung ist durch die Ressourcen der Systeme beschränkt. Die Transcoding-Geschwindigkeit ist abhängig vom Quellformat und Verfügbarkeit freier Ressourcen. Berechnet wird jeder aktive Benutzer über dem inklusiven Kontingent des laufenden Monats. Ein Wechsel zwischen den Paketen ist möglich. Keine Mindestlaufzeit. Die Kündigungsfrist beträgt 30 Tage zum Monatsende. Zahlungsweise Überweisung oder SEPA-Lastschrift.

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